Software Requirements Capture and Elicitation

Hopefully, every software production project starts from a set of requirements from the target users of that software. Often, this set of requirements is generated by a collaborative effort of several persons drawn from different, and often conflicting, functional areas. Unfortunately, this very important requirement gathering phase is often overlooked and left outside the scope of a software development project. Traditionally, the project starts with a list of requirements oblivious of the process by which that list was created. An even more important fact is that this list of requirements is never a static thing - the only constant is change itself. The inability to gather, manage and track changes in requirements in a efficient fashion -  is perhaps the principal factor in project failure.

So how so we solve these inefficiencies.. the answer is !@$#^*&)(*)&%&

But the following just might be starting points....

*       Software Inspection - V & V of UML Models

*       Integrating QFD with Object Oriented Software Design Methodologies

*       COTS Acquisition Process



Using SSUCD to describe use cases



Material related to the


4th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications (SERA 2006)


is presented below:


Describing Use Cases with SUCD – This technical report provides a detailed description of the SUCD structure to compose Use Case descriptions.

The Library System Use Case Descriptions in SUCD – the ‘.ucd’ file that can be downloaded which contains the complete set of Use Case descriptions for the Library system case study.

An overview of the AREUCD tool is presented here. You may also download AREUCD here.


ECE 621 Slides:

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3 – Used as an exercise to build the use case model for the Hockey Store System

Lecture 4 – Brief overview of the SUCD structure for describing use cases – Download the notes here

Lecture 5 – Used as an exercise to build the use case model for the Library System using SUCD